AG Dream Stay


Mystical traditions, environments and atmospheres to meet the Absolute in the very places where Christian prayers and liturgy originate.

Sustainable Food & Wine

Discover the exquisite eno-gastronomic traditions and historical heritage of each region, unforgettable experiences involving all of the senses.

Villas and gardens

The historical heritage of the Italian noble residences with parks and gardens, for centuries synonymous with aristocracy and good taste, now a visit with guided tours are available.

Truffle hunting

The black gold, a delicacy of the chosen few Italian territories, sought after by the most famous chefs all over the world. We ensure you can also have fun looking for these in their habitats.

Archaeological tours

In the country with the greatest number of UNESCO sites, and where every stone has history, each stone has a value. Let the past speak to you through our tours about the wonders of ancient civilizations.

Cooking Tours

Learn the secrets of some of the most famous Italian dishes. Create your own pasta, propose your own recipe.