AG Dream Stay

Prosecco Region of Treviso & The Dolomites

Start your adventure by sleeping in a thousand-year old castle. Overlooking the Prosecco hills in an area which was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage.  Midway between Venice and the Dolomites and between two of the most beautiful villages of the Veneto, Cison di Valmarino & Follina.

Followed this with a 3 nights stay in the astonishing Dolomites sleeping in the resort of Selva, then continue down the Valley to the‘ValBelluna’.  Some seriously and truly spectacular scenery, your days will be packed with activity, excellent food and magnificent scenery.

The Brandolini Castle stands upon the enchanting hills of the Prosecco Region offering truly  breathtaking views over the Dolomites and the Pre-Alps.

Florence: Typical Flavours and Beauties

Florence: typical flavors and beauties of the Renaissance. Start with a Cooking Lesson: From the market to the table. How make a 4-course Italian meal with a local chef for discover a lot of Italian cuisine secrets and tradition. Then, hop on a Vespa scooter and enjoy a 3-hour tour that will take you around Florence’s most famous and spectacular sightseeing spots. 

During your vacation in Florence don’t miss out one of the most famous museums in the world, housed in the former “uffizi” or “offices” of the Medici Family. Getting lost among thousands of works of art is as easy as being enchanted by their beauty.  And then? Impossible not to create your personal "souvenir"! Meet your master perfumer and learn the techniques and the secrets of the historical florentine alchemical tradition! The lesson will take place in an ancient, atmospheric workshop. Your master perfumer will guide you through the process which will ultimately lead to the creation of your unique custom made individual perfume!

Venice Highlights

Firstly the Doge's Palace, the seat of government of the Republic and the Doge's priva te residence. We will continue with the Basilica, where lies the body of St. Mark the Evangelist. We admire the wonderful golden mosaics depicting stories from the Old and New Testaments, the famous gold altarpiece decorated with enamels and precious stones, one of the masterpieces of Byzantine goldsmiths world's most important, and climb to the loggia or terrace horses, where we will have a magnificent view of St. Mark's Square and its monuments.
And then: Legends & mysteries: Venice by night. We cannot tell you anything now..this tour is indeed a real mystery until you do it!

Before ending the tour an afternoon of craftsmanship. Create your personal glass-artwork with Massimiliano, a famous glassmaker. A private lesson with him to learn the secrets of the most famous Venetian craftsmanship.

Apulia & Matera

Experience a multitude of emotions in a region of overwhelming beauty, blessed by nature and full of history; enjoy the pleasant countryside and imposing castles, including noble palaces and ancient cathedrals, olive groves, old stone “Trulli” and white baroque buildings, stunning caves and historic Masserie farmhouses. Apulia is also a land of flavours and fragrances where bakers, dairymen and farmers turn fruits into products that owe their rich flavours and fragrances to their simplicity, and a place with a world-famous winemaking tradition as well. Finally yet importantly, there is the stunning Matera, which is considered a WORLD HERITAGE SITE by UNESCO since 1993 for the particular conformation of its buildings.

Tuscany Private Tour

A tour to explore a region of sprawling vineyards, rolling hills, charming old cities, masterpieces of art and gourmandise: visit the magnificent Florence, the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, Siena, famous for the Palio horse race, the Chianti area, Montepulciano and Montalcino, known all over the world for their prestigious wines, San Gimignano with its tall towers; visit wineries and cellars, sample excellent wines, rare cold cuts, Pecorino cheese and olive oil, shop for delicacies in the many food shops.

Sicily Self Drive

Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean, is a melting pot of cultures, where Greek and Arab influences can be found in the architecture, in the ancient ruins from different civilizations and in the unique cuisine; a land where the earth spills fire from ancient volcanoes and the sun warms the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea; a region of archaeological wonders, marvellous baroque towns and rich, ancient traditions. But Sicily is not only a place of extraordinary monuments, enchantingly beautiful scenery and beautiful towns, it is also a land that offers an incredible variety of excellent vintages, ancient cellars and vineyards, typical dishes and traditional foods rediscovered in their original style.

Let's Discover the Campania Traditions

Campania is a land rich in culture, music, history, architecture and archaeological sites. The tour will bring the participants to the Isle of Capri, the most picturesque and visited places in Campania; Naples, with its castles and noble palaces, but also the city where pizza was conceived in its modern appearance and taste; in Pompeii, the ancient Roman city buried in 79 AD from a massive eruption of Vesuvius; in Sorrento, the lively seaside resort that houses the famous Limoncello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where there are a number of mountain towns that seem to fall into the sea and the wonderful Positano. Campania is also a land with a rich gastronomy that has its roots in fresh local products; the Romans knew the region as campania felix, which translates into english as "fertile countryside", and there is a real wealth of genuine and rich food to discover here.

Umbria Private Tour

A tour to discover Umbria, know as “Green Heart of Italy”, a region not only with a lush nature but also full of ancient towns with cobblestone streets, stunning cathedrals and old fortresses, a place rich of tasty foods and good wines. The starting point of the tour is Orvieto – where the cathedral is a gothic masterpiece then Todi, the route follows the tracks of St. Francis in Assisi, moving to Perugia with its Etruscan walls, 16th century palaces and chocolate laboratories, touching also the shores of the Trasimeno Lake, and so much more.