AG Dream Stay

Decoration of a Papier-mâché Mask

With this mini course you will learn to freely use your creativity to decorate you own mask, chosing from 60 different models, all hand-made out of papier-mâché.

The teacher will explain the ancient technique of making a Venetian papier-mâché mask and historical information on the use of masks in Venice during the past centuries.

Perfume Masterclass

Meet your master perfumer and learn the techniques and the secrets of the historical florentine alchemical tradition!
The lesson will take place in an ancient, atmospheric workshop. Your master perfumer will guide you through the process which will ultimately lead to the creation of your unique custom made individual perfume!
At the end of the workshop you will be rewarded with a bottle of your own personalized perfume. This truly unique and authentic experience is not to be missed!

The Craft Shops in Monti

An adventure to discover jewellery, furniture and a variety of collector’s items through the fascinating alleyways of Monti. A mix of old and new, antique and more modern pieces blending together into what characterises Rome’s “melting pot”.

Discovering Sicilian Handicrafts

Private walking tour to visiting small handcraft ateliers where the techniques have been handed down from fathers to sons.

The artisan Luigi learnt the art of making Sicilian puppets, which are very popular in Sicilian folklore. Thanks to him, this technique has survived as he's one of the last artisans of his kind left in Sicily. Enzo instead is a carpenter that showcases the magic art of recycling. In his workshop he reuses ancient beams of 17th-century aristocratic palaces and splits parts of the Sicilian carts in order to craft unique objects and art installations.