AG Dream Stay


Treat yourself to a tour aboard the legendary Reds along the breathtaking views of Tuscany, Umbria, the lakes, the hills and the promenades of Italy. The prestige of the supercars and the beauty of the places is duly completed with a stop by a starred restaurant or a visit to one of the medieval villages making the Bel Paese the cradle of the art of mankind.

Private jet & Vip assistance

«I don't fly commercial». If you want to give yourself the truly unique experience of a private air transfer, we are just at your disposal. To and from anywhere in Italy, from and to large as well as small airports, no matter the size of the aircraft, with ground and on board assistance worthy of a VIP.

Jewelry creation

No gift is more beautiful, even in the literal sense of the term, than a handmade jewel, designed and created to express everlasting beauty. Italy has a great goldsmith tradition. Our best craftsmen are at your disposal. To explain and show you their art as well as to create a tailored masterpiece.

Exclusive Vatican Museums

The Vatican City is the smallest state on earth, and perhaps the one containing the greatest artistic heritage. The Vatican Museums represent an immense treasure, culminating in the Sistine Chapel, an absolute mastepiece, the place where the Popes are elected. Now just imagine finding yourself in there, alone or with whomever you want, with a specialized guide, for a dedicated visit.


Among the Italian excellences, fashion has a leading position. Italy is also home to aesthetic sense and pret-à-porter. Treat yourself with one or more days of exclusive visits to the laboratories where big fashion takes life every day, or get advice from our expert personal shoppers.

Sailing tour

Almost eight thousand kilometers of coasts in the Mediterranean basin make Italy the European - or, better, the world paradise of sailing. With us you can give yourself the thrill of a tour along the most spectacular sea routes of the peninsula and enjoy the Bel Paese from another point of view: original, dynamic and for your eyes only.